Ways to Use Video Marketing to Grow Your Business

You’ve probably heard a lot about video marketing lately. “Video” is a buzz-word in marketing right now for good reason. Statistics have proven over and over the attention-grabbing quality of videos. They offer a great way to communicate with your audience, incite engagement, and yield a higher click-through rate. Why is video so captivating? One […]

The Hashtag Key to Instagram Business

Instagram rules always seem to be changing, and we know it’s tough to keep up as a business owner. From following hashtags to adding them to your stories, there are a lot of new tools when it comes to using hashtags for your business. Here are some of the things you need to know about […]

The Laws of Social Media Marketing

Many small business owners have a social media page or at least realize that they should. But, there is a difference between having your business on social media and knowing the laws that make it an effective marketing tool. It’s vital to understand the fundamentals. Here are five laws of social media marketing: The Law […]

How to Increase Your Local Foot Traffic

When it comes to having a brick and mortar store – foot traffic is one of your most important sales measures. Increasing your foot traffic can have a dramatic impact on your business. Here are some strategies you can use to get more people in your door: Increase Curb Appeal First impressions are everything. If […]

2018 Marketing Trends

Now is a good time to sit down and assess how you will approach your marketing strategy for the rest of 2018. It’s important to realize that the world of marketing is rapidly changing. If you want to keep your marketing relevant you need to keep up with those changes. Here are some of the […]

How Blogging Can Help Improve Your Website’s SEO

Blogging is one of the best ways to improve your search rankings. Search engines love fresh, valuable content, and blogging is a way of providing both. Blogs improve your search rankings for many reasons:   Fresh Content A website shouldn’t be something you create and then leave alone. Your website should be alive. It should […]

Reviewing Your Analytics: Which Metrics Matter?

Do you look at your analytics after launching a marketing campaign? Lots of people look at them but they aren’t sure which ones are important or what they mean. Which metrics really matter? We’re about to tell you. Let’s start with a little “decoding” of the metric language. Here are some of the most important […]

Why You Should Try Live Streaming

Video is quickly becoming the king of content. Facebook videos see an average of 135% more organic reach than images, and live video does even better. People are becoming more cynical about traditional marketing methods and there is demand for brands to be more honest and transparent. Well, you don’t get more honest than live […]

Promote Your Business With Snapchat

Curious how Snapchat can be incorporated into your small business’ marketing plan? Perhaps you have heard of this social media channel but may not realize how instrumental it can be to reach new customers. Snapchat is known as a popular app for young people, but more than 50% of new Snapchatters are 25 and older. […]

Secrets to Getting Your Emails Opened

Email newsletters allow you to send information about your brand directly to individuals who have already expressed an interest in hearing from you. Messages can be sent in real-time to inform customers of flash sales, new products and current events. That’s the good part. A downside to email marketing is that, no matter how amazing […]

2018 Digital Marketing Predictions

As we all know, digital marketing is an everchanging landscape. Looking forward to the future of marketing can leave business owners in cold sweats. But, we are here to reassure you that content marketing remains king, and authenticity will win out in 2018.   Personalized Content Marketing Content marketing is the starting point of all […]

Social Media Marketing: It’s Personal

It seems like absolutely everyone is doing social media marketing now. How are you supposed to rise above all that noise? Remember that social media marketing is personal. Eighty percent of the decisions we make are based on emotion. To make your content personal you need to connect with your audience. Use these tips to […]