Promote Your Business With Snapchat

Curious how Snapchat can be incorporated into your small business’ marketing plan? Perhaps you have heard of this social media channel but may not realize how instrumental it can be to reach new customers.

Snapchat is known as a popular app for young people, but more than 50% of new Snapchatters are 25 and older. This app continues to grow and offer creative ways to help businesses reach users through advertising, geofilters, and sponsored lenses.

How does Snapchat work?

A person, brand, or business uses Snapchat to send photos and videos to their friends and followers. These are called “snaps,” similar to tweets on Twitter. The main difference is that the snaps can only be viewed for up to ten seconds before they disappear. This creates a sense of urgency and increases viewer attention.

Tell Snapchat Stories

A story is a compilation of snaps that have been posted in the last 24 hours. Stories are not deleted automatically; they need to be manually deleted by the user. Snapchat offers advertising by allowing the business to insert an ad between stories. The ads, referred to as “Snap Ads,” are in the form of ten-second videos that can lead the viewer to swipe for more information, watch a longer video, read an article, visit a website, or install an app.

Businesses create their own stories to show behind-the-scenes footage, demonstrate new products, and promote sales and coupons. Coupons are available for a limited time, which encourages users to act quickly.

Locate Customers With Geofilters

A Geofilter is a graphic that users select to show where they are geographically. As a business, you can pay for a sponsored geofilter that will show up as an option when the user is in your area or in your store. You can use a generic geofilter graphic or create your own to reach customers on a more personal level.

View Customers Through Lenses

Snapchat is best known for its special effects like adding animal ears and flower crowns or swapping faces with friends. Businesses have the option to create a custom lens that fans can use at any time. For example, Taco Bell created a unique lens that changes a person’s head into a taco. It is eye-catching and memorable to users.

Recruit New Employees

Snapchat is a great way to find new talent for your business. Use your account to reach a younger group of potential recruits and use your snaps to demonstrate the job skills you are looking for and what your culture is like.

Partner with Influencers

If you have strong influencers in your industry you can join forces to promote your products or services on Snapchat. The influencer doesn’t have to be a celebrity; they just need to have a strong following in your target audience. Some businesses allow the influencer to basically take over the business account and incorporate their personality and influence over potential customers.

Promote Events

Use Snapchat to give customers VIP access to special events to increase engagement. You can also share product reveals and community events like fundraisers and concerts.

Big businesses like Universal Pictures, Proctor & Gamble, and Express are using Snapchat to reach new customers and engage with loyal fans. If these big brands are seeing benefits, we encourage you to give Snapchat a try. Contact The Light Digital to learn more about how Snapchat can help your small business and request a free marketing consultation.