Secrets to Getting Your Emails Opened

Email newsletters allow you to send information about your brand directly to individuals who have already expressed an interest in hearing from you. Messages can be sent in real-time to inform customers of flash sales, new products and current events. That’s the good part.

A downside to email marketing is that, no matter how amazing your content, if you can’t get people to open your emails, it won’t be seen. The key to a good open rate is the email’s subject line. Give these tips a try for creating subject lines that make people click.

Segment Contact Lists

This part comes long before you start to devise a subject line. Having contacts organized according to their interests will help you create effective content and subject lines for them. Organize email addresses into segmented lists as you collect them. It is extremely frustrating to sift through thousands of email addresses after the fact to find the people who expressed interest in a specific product. Putting each contact in the proper list up front will be more accurate and will save you hours of time.

Keep it Short

Get right to the point. The average email inbox on a desktop computer displays the first 60 characters of an email subject line. This doesn’t give you room to be long winded. Use quick, concise phrases that have the power to jump out at the viewer amidst a jam-packed inbox.

Stop Using ALL CAPS

Using ALL CAPS is the equivalent of yelling at the reader. It is not an effective way to get the viewer’s attention. It may make your email stand out in the viewer’s inbox, but not in a good way. It will make your email look like spam.

Optimize for Mobile

Over 40% of emails are opened on mobile devices. Mobile devices show even fewer characters than desktops. If your audience skews young, mobile optimization is important. Mobile screens hold 4-7 words max. Keep that in mind when constructing your subject line.

Encourage Action

Your subject line needs to inspire the viewer to click on your email. Think of it as a call to action rather than a simple statement and use action verbs to convey your message. Action verbs help create a sense of urgency and get the viewer excited about your content.

Be Direct

If your email contains a special offer or exclusive content, make that clear in your subject line. “Here is your 25% off coupon” and “Free eBook inside” are both subject lines that tell the reader exactly what they can expect when they click. When they open the email to receive their offer, they will see the other content you want to communicate.

These tips will help you create email subject lines that encourage opens. If you still feel like your emails need a little boost to increase open rates and effectiveness, contact The Light Digital: (510) 680-3300 x 130. We are email marketing experts with years of experience helping businesses reach their marketing potential.