Social Media Marketing: It’s Personal

It seems like absolutely everyone is doing social media marketing now. How are you supposed to rise above all that noise?

Remember that social media marketing is personal. Eighty percent of the decisions we make are based on emotion. To make your content personal you need to connect with your audience.

Use these tips to add emotion and personalization to your marketing:


Personalized Experience

Before you can launch an emotionally compelling campaign, you need to understand what drives your audience. Many marketers forget that social media is primarily about being social. Analytics allow you to see your audience demographics. But, are you making the most of those tools by talking about what truly matters to them?

U.K. based Lloyds Bank tapped into what truly mattered to its customers with its social campaign, #ForYourNextStep. The campaign constructed emotional links with the audience by offering support and advice for key moments in their lives, from marriage to home ownership. Through a combination of engaging and highly targeted images aimed at customers embarking on the next big steps,

Lloyds Bank drove meaningful interactions with its customers and increased positive feelings about its brand. It received more than 4 million video views and 244,000 engagements on Twitter.

You can create user personas for each demographic so that you can market to them individually. Tap into their emotions with your next campaign. Touch on topics that matter to them and you will notice a difference.


Personalized Interactions

Your audience wants to know that “someone” is listening. Which means that they are going to be much more engaged if they are getting personalized responses to their comments and questions on social media. One of the reasons businesses are worried about implementing personalized responses is fear of public interactions. But allowing complaints to go without responses is much more damaging. Yes, some dissatisfied customers will take to Facebook and Twitter to complain just for attention. But, the majority are customers with valid complaints that are simply looking for evidence that someone is actively listening to their concerns.

Social media creates opportunities for you to address your customers directly and quickly. Being honest and transparent with your customers will develop trust, and customers who trust your brand are customers who will return.

Social media marketing cannot separate emotion from analytics because both are imperative for great marketing campaigns. Human connection will always be the driving force behind engaging and memorable marketing.

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