How to Tap into the Millennial Consumer

Millennials consist of those born between 1980 and 2000, making up a significant population of 1.7 billion in the U.S. While they are a unique generation, they contribute largely to the consumer market. In fact, in areas like eating out, they outspend all other generations. But with so many options available, 57% of millennials compare prices before deciding.

Reaching and engaging this confident, tech-savvy audience can vastly boost your business, especially when you gain their influence and loyalty. Here are some strategies for reaching the millennial consumer:

Understand Who They Are

Just like any other target audience, understanding who millennials are, what they are interested in, and what drives them to engage with a particular brand is the first step in reaching them. While generalizing all millennials as a one-size-fits-all is obviously inaccurate, there are some common traits the majority of the generation share, including:

  • They feel a sense of social responsibility and desire to advocate for causes that better their community and the world.
  • They value flexibility, usability, and accessibility in work and play.
  • They listen to personal recommendations from family, friends and online reviews before making a purchase.
  • They are well-informed, researching brands and products in depth.
  • They are extremely tech and social media savvy, using mobile devices for the majority of their online searches, communication, and socializing.
  • They share an entrepreneurial spirit, starting small businesses and changing the way the corporate world works.

Now that you have an idea of who you’re dealing with, you can create strategies that more effectively catch their attention.

Show You Care

Millennials have changed the game when it comes to advocating for causes. From local community efforts to worldwide campaigns, being involved is an integral part of their life. Luckily for most businesses, showing their concern can be as simple as partnering with a non-profit organization to donate a small percentage of proceeds from a sale or event, or sharing an organization’s information with followers. Sponsoring local races for charity, providing office space for a temporary event, or volunteering time and resources can also be highlighted in your social media posts to generate engagement and encourage millennials to interact with your brand.

Be Creative and Authentic

The marketing ideology that “sex sells” is fading with the millennial preference for authenticity and relatability. Even major influencers are focusing on showing real life, denouncing photoshopped images, supporting mental health awareness, and embracing life experiences in a way that followers can relate to. Unique, human-centered content that tells the story of your brand will have a better chance of earning and keeping a millennial’s trust.

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