Halloween Marketing Ideas for Local Businesses

It’s time to put your costume on, hang a few spider webs and get your business ready for Halloween. Even if you’ve waited until the weekend before this spooky holiday to join the festivities, you still have plenty of time to leverage the holiday and gain exposure for your business.

Halloween marketing is anything but boring. You can let your personality shine and have some fun by employing a few simple tactics and interacting with your customers.

  1. Hold a Costume Contest

Use social media and word of mouth to invite people to a Halloween costume contest. Make it extra fun by having multiple contest categories. Think best family costume theme, best baby costume and even best pet costume.

Ask to take pictures of each entrant and announce the winners on your social media channels. Make sure to include coupons for future purchases in your prize package to encourage future business.

  1. Offer Halloween Themed Goodies

Think beyond candy for this one. Think about offering people a break from the Halloween hustle and bustle by offering a place where they can grab a cup of coffee and refuel with a quick, healthy — but spooky — snack like these pre-packaged goodies.

Make sure to place a few of your most popular products near the snack table to bring attention to them and encourage impulse buys.

  1. Participate in Local Events

Does your town have a Halloween festival or Trick-or-Treat events? Get dressed up and represent your business by passing out branded treats or promotions at the event. Not only will you increase exposure for your brand, but you will establish yourself as a part of the community, and not just another business trying to sell something.

  1. Offer a Seasonal Discount

In the days leading up to Halloween use your social media channels to advertise Halloween day discounts to get consumers excited. Consider giving out holiday-themed freebies, having a store-wide sale or just having specific items on deep discount.

As an added bonus, when someone shops with you on Halloween, reward them with a coupon that is good on their next purchase. This will entice them to return and shop again.

  1. Follow Up

The fun doesn’t have to stop once Halloween is over. During the festivities, encourage your employees to take as many photos as possible. These photos can be used to create online albums that can be shared on social media. They will give your pages a personal touch and allow viewers to see your business interacting with the community.

They can also be used in future promotions. Come next year, you will already have images to promote upcoming Halloween events.

Make this weekend count and kick off the holiday season by celebrating Halloween with branded gifts, fun activities and some holiday spirit. Before you know it, you’ll be gearing up for Thanksgiving promotions.