5 Tips to Market Your Business on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a social network that is focused on businesses and professionals. No need to worry about selfies and disappearing stories; your focus can be on what you know.

LinkedIn is a great platform for promoting your business because of its ability to target interests, demographics, and job categories. LinkedIn drives the most business-to-business sales of any social network, and the leads it generates have a high conversion rate. Make sure you are getting the most out of your business’ LinkedIn presence by following these five tips:

1. Share. LinkedIn enables you to establish yourself as a thought leader. No one likes a braggart, so don’t just post to tell people you’re the best at what you do. Instead, share your own insights, and share information from third parties that you feel will be helpful to other professionals in your field.

2. Build Relationships. As with most social media platforms, you have to spend time on LinkedIn to build a presence. Focus on building relationships before trying to generate traffic via promotion. Engage with other businesses’ content. Use your expertise to help wherever you see an opportunity.

3. Use the Article-Publishing Platform. LinkedIn’s article publishing platform will expose your articles to relevant audiences based on their job title, company, or LinkedIn groups they belong to. This gets your content in front of a wider group of people who aren’t yet in your network. It’s a valuable way to build your network, boost engagement on your profile, and direct traffic to your business.

4. Join Group Discussions. Join relevant LinkedIn groups and enter into group discussions. Focus less on starting your own discussions and more on being seen as a useful member of the community, willing to enter the fray, provide insights and opinions, and discuss your experiences.

5. Maximize your Profile. Take advantage of the most important profile fields. Make your profile picture clean and professional; write a smart profile headline and summary; use the background header image to display your logo; and showcase your best blog posts and informative guest posts under the Publications section. If you have visual examples of your work, upload them to your profile under the Experience and Education sections.

Remember that you are dealing with other busy professionals. Make your posts informative and helpful, give them short and interesting headlines, and include a good photo to grab attention.

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