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In today’s mobile-first world having a mobile responsive website is critical. Not only does it provide a better user experience, it also can affect your search rankings. Your website also provides a place to control your organization’s image and branding.



We believe you should always own and have access to your website. That is why we build our websites using the WordPress content management system. We strive to make your web design experience as smooth as possible.

  • Flexible website development
  • Mobile responsive websites
  • Custom built template libraries
  • Creative consultation
  • Copywriting
  • Affordable hosting and maintenance plans
  • Monthly website updates


We’re here to help

The Light Digital is an innovative and passionate web design company that specializes in creating engaging, professional, and beautiful websites which generate instant solutions for greater brand awareness and online growth. Our staff of professionals are concentrated on adding value to your brand via objective driven design which is going to engage your target market and convert them to paying customers.

What is our web design process?

Our process is simple, our team takes time to listen before creating then we’ll measure and repeat. Our team always strives to improve because we are never satisfied. We’ll ask a ton of questions, check assumptions, and tailor our process to better suit your unique goals. As a team, we’ll work with you to enhance your digital experience within your industry.

Stage One: Discovery

Through a series of meetings and surveys we will collect all the details needed to have the ideal understanding of your goals and business.

It’s the perfect chance for us to assist in defining your business, pinpointing your audience, and setting your goals.

Stage Two: Migration

With a strong blueprint available it’ll be your duty to organize, collect, edit, and deliver to our team content for every page of the site. If you require assistance in this area, please let us know.

Quality content is critical to the success of any site to keep traffic and have a high ranking upon the search engines.

Stage Three: Design

After the content is delivered, we’ll work to finalize the feel and look of your new site. Utilizing the mock-up designs as our guide, our team creates comprehensive, non-functioning layouts that show potential design directions.

Beyond the feel and look, we’ll ensure that your website is easily navigated, connects with your target audience, and has consistent branding.

Stage Four: Development

With all of the necessary design elements, content, and architecture on hand we will craft the initial working version of your site. It’s where your site really begins to shine.

Our team of developers also will concentrate on ensuring that your site loads rapidly, is optimized for the search engines like Google and Bing, and is mobile responsive.

Stage Five: Completion

Getting your site ready to “Go Live” inevitably will require one final round of testing and revisions. When the site is ready, our team will do a few quality assurance checks then run through the last pre-launch list.

Going “Live” might seem like the last step, however, it really is just the beginning.  Now that there’s a shiny new website up, what is next?  We must generate traffic. We will give you a roadmap of potential lead generation services and activities that get you on the proper track to accomplishing your goals.

Stage Six: Website Hosting and Management

When your new website is complete, you’ll want to ensure it is safely and securely hosted. While there are many options out there, we’re proud to offer website hosting services that include guaranteed up-time, monthly site maintenance, and updates. Whether you need a dedicated server for a high-traffic website or are launching an e-commerce site, our team can handle the heavy lifting and details so you can focus on what matters most – running your business!

Web design is more than just how a product looks; it is about meeting your brand’s objectives while also giving your target market a memorable experience. We will craft something that looks great and works to ensure that it is in sync with your brand’s goals. For more information on our website design services please contact The Light Digital today at (510) 680-3300.