Brand recognition and visibility




The purpose of social media is in the name – to be social. It allows you to humanize your organization in a personal way. It also allows you to stay top of mind for people who may not already be thinking about you. Social media marketing is a powerful tool, but it must be handled with care. We provide expert management to your social accounts and develop unique content that accurately reflects the voice of your organization.



You know your business best, but doing social media well takes time and effort. We work with you to develop a unique content strategy that accurately communicates and reflects your organization. We take care of all the posting so you can focus your attention where its most needed. Social management includes:

  • Monthly content plans
  • Custom content
  • Content created and curated just for you
  • Real customers, products, and services where possible
  • Analytics and insights reviews
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We’re here to help

Social media marketing and social media management involves getting prospects to notice you or your company on social media channels like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. Our social media management company assists in driving attention to your company and your products or services, which allows you to connect with prospective clients or customers interested in whatever your services or products might be. Cool, right? Yes, but it’ll take a lot of work to make all of this magic happen. Keep reading to discover how it’s possible to reap the benefits of social media without having to go it alone.

Snippets of What The Light Digital Does

Facebook Marketing

Facebook is huge, right? Everyone who is anyone has a business Facebook page; therefore it just makes sense that we also would optimize and create a Facebook business profile for you, doesn’t it? We’ll set up your profile on Facebook and do all of the techy stuff to it such as editing and resizing your banner image. We also will double check to ensure that all of your contact details are correct and up to date if needed. It’s just a part of our social media management service.

Once we are done with that we will move on to optimizing and creating content for your business page so you will have the ability to directly engage with and receive feedback from your potential and current customers. If you have some announcements to make regarding your sales or business, or if you are running promotions to drive website traffic, we will update all those details on your business page on a consistent basis, so you can focus on your business. We will ensure that your page looks great and reflects your brand or business to a ‘T’.

Twitter Marketing

What would a business be without Twitter? It would be less cluttered with hashtags, that is for sure. As you have possibly guessed, we’ll create a profile for you on Twitter. We will fill out all of the profile details with your company name, contact information, and location. We will write up some information for your “about us” section which will give prospects a sneak peek into your company and products or services. We will design a great Twitter background which reflects your brand and business image. We will insert targeted keywords in your content for optimization reasons and we will ensure that the look of your profile is consistent with how your brand is represented everywhere else.

Leave all of the tweets up to us. We will actively post real-time updates and tweets which include links to your site to generate more web traffic in your direction. We will ensure that you gain followers and that all those followers see your tweets inside their feed because what good would all of that do if they did not?