You know you need a marketing strategy, so let us help you maximize your time and effort, by working with you to develop a strategy that identifies, targets, and converts new prospects and reaches new customers. We’ll help you figure out where your audience is spending their time online, and how you can connect with them to start bringing in new business.


Search engines are still the most popular place for people to find information about your business. If your website and search ads are not set up right, you’re likely missing out on the biggest referral channel for your business. We can help you optimize your website, boost your search ranking, and make sure people are finding your business online.


Is social media doing anything for your business? Work with us to put together a social media strategy and figure out which social media channels will work best for your business. By adapting your existing marketing efforts into an online strategy, we can efficiently target customers, use social media as a customer service channel, and start driving new customers your way with social media management.


Though social media gets a lot of the hype, email is still the top way to reach your customers. Email won’t work though, unless you’ve got the website tools to build your email list. We’ll help you set up effective landing pages on your website to build your list, and then create and manage email campaigns that inform, engage, and drive customers to your website or to your door.

Online Directories

There are hundreds of online listings where your business can be found. Make sure people can find you online and make sure your information is up to date with our directory listings service. We’ll submit and manage your key business information to more than 100 search directories to help make sure your business profile is consistent.


Video is one of the hottest places to reach people online today, but how can your business use it? We create custom videos for local businesses that highlight your unique services, build your brand voice, and boost your search engine ranking. By working within your budget, we can help smaller businesses reach customers where they are.

Our other services include:

  • Search Marketing / Digital Advertising – We create and manage digital advertising campaigns through Google, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, allowing you to target your business’ key demographics, reach new prospects online, and drive new customers to your website.
  • Blogging – We create your blog presence and work with you to develop a strategy for blog topics, helping you with writing, as needed. Blogging not only builds brand reputation, done right, it also serves as a tool to boost your search engine rankings.
  • Public Relations – We develop press releases or other public communications to ensure maximum visibility and distribution for your company’s news.
  • Mobile – We help your business optimize its mobile presence and reach customers who are using their phones and tablets to search, shop, schedule appointments, and read email.
  • Reputation Management – With our reputation management software, we create, correct and enhance data, monitor what is being said about your business, and report mentions in online review sites and social media.
  • Website Design and Development – We will work with you to design and implement an updated look to your website, including lead collection tools to help build your contact lists and optimization tactics to boost your search engine ranking.