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Providing free wifi access has quickly become the norm and is an easy way to delight your customers. Using our WiFi marketing solution, you can turn your WiFi into a contact collecting powerhouse. And it all happens automatically through your branded login portal.



Your WiFi network is convenient for customers and provides a unique marketing opportunity. When customers join your branded, secure network, they are required to sign in using an email address, name or birthday. Once they have joined, the information is available on your dashboard, where you can:

  1. Send Automated Thank You Messages
  2. Create Personalized Incentives
  3. Offer Unique Redeemable Promos
  4. View Dashboard Analytics
  5. Find Your Most Loyal Customers
  6. Generate Reviews and Feedback


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WiFi marketing is when a retailer or restaurant provides wireless internet accessibility to shoppers then uses it as a method of communicating promotions and messages. It is just one of the many methods that retailers are embracing the digital realm — and developing a multichannel experience for their consumers in the process.

Essentially, your WiFi is going to have a coverage region, probably inside the borders of your shop. Anyone who is on a WiFi-enabled device, from laptops, to tablets, to smartphones, will have the ability to connect to and see your WiFi network.

Some stores and restaurants offer complete Internet accessibility. In other words, consumers may use their devices to browse the internet like they normally would. Other retailers just grant accessibility to specific apps or sites, like your own mobile app or online store. It’s more limiting for browsers, yet it’ll also enable you to control the atmosphere and drive them to your promos.

WiFi Marketing: What are the benefits?

The advantages of WiFi marketing within a retail atmosphere are two-fold: There are benefits from both the merchants’ and consumers’ viewpoint.

For customers:

Convenience: Consumers have accessibility to a possibly faster network than their phone service provider’s, and also they may save on data use.

  • Better shopping experience: According to a Devicescape survey, nearly 62 percent of companies that offer free WiFi state that their shoppers remain longer. It might be a sign  that consumers are appreciating their in-store experiences more, and thereby willing to spend more time on your brand.

For retailers:

  • More sales: The primary aim for the majority of retailers — driving sales — gets an increase once you’re involved in WiFi marketing. The Deviscape survey discovered that 50% of companies state that shoppers spend more cash now that there is WiFi.
  • Know your customers: WiFi marketing will grant you accessibility to a plethora of knowledge and data regarding shoppers. It is possible to use that insight to understand the in-store experience, your business, and what will make your buyers tick.
  • Build up an audience: Whether you are collecting social profiles or email addresses, those shoppers are becoming a list of interested people to whom it’s possible to market in the future. Not just that, you will have details about their online and/or in-store behavior, creating a more robust customer profile that it’s possible to leverage for more targeted promotions and ads.
  • Promote a campaign or product: There are numerous ways retailers may use this type of marketing to promote their business. It might begin with the message on a splash page, to follow-up email campaigns and retargeted ads.

If you are going to all that trouble to offer a network for your shoppers, you will want to ensure that they know about it and really use it. Leverage the universal WiFi network icon and in-store signage to raise awareness among your customers. Also, you might incentivize using the network — perhaps they receive a free gift or discount for trying your WiFi network.