What It Takes to Build a Successful Culture with Marissa Levin

“What It Takes to Build a Successful Culture with Marissa Levin”

After her boss told her she was not worth more than $34,000 annually, Marissa Levin founded her own company, Information Experts, in 1995. She later started Successful Culture in 2001 and serves as CEO for both companies. Additionally, Marissa is the Leadership Mindset columnist at Inc. Magazine and a #1 best-selling author.

In this week’s episode of Lightbulb Moment, we talk with Marissa about how to create a great culture without having to have ping-pong tables, unlimited vacation, and a company masseuse; why “B” players are your organization’s greatest threat (and how to fix it); and how to take core values from banners on your wall to actual company beliefs and actions.

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