Reach your Target Audience




Who are your most likely customers? Probably people that visit your site, people that search for services you provide, people that browse content related to your business, or your competitor’s leads. With display advertising, you can target a group that is already primed to buy from you.



We know that turning a lead into a customer can be difficult. Most people that view an ad will not convert the first time, that is why it is important to follow your lead, advertising to them across the web.

Our targeted display services include:

  • Wide range of targeting options
  • Optional geo-fencing
  • Ad creative and messaging setup


We’re here to help

Targeted display advertisements use revolutionary technologies that target audiences based upon location, demographics, and additional factors which influence their search or shopping behavior.  At The Light Digital, we leverage this technology to tactically target your prospective clients and create a lasting impression for your business.

What are the Kinds of Targeted Display Advertisements?

Over time, display advertising matured to be a recognizable method of customers engaging with their preferred brands. Around 86 percent of customers engage in “research online, buy offline” or ROBO, which makes targeted advertising an advantageous marketing asset for physical businesses.

Before you dive into a targeted display campaign, it is important to understand the different kinds of display advertising which might benefit your return on investment goals.

  • Traditional Display Advertisements: Consisting of various desktop and mobile image sizes. Traditional display advertisements may be animated or static in nature and may be served on various devices to target your market at each stage of their purchasing and research cycles.
  • Native Advertisements: Made to appear like organic content, native advertisements are strategically positioned on a platform or website to look like “search-worthy” content.
  • Social Advertisements: Social advertisements may look like native advertisements and typically have a certain call to action. Also, social ads may fall in the classification of retargeting ads or targeted display ads since they’re frequently served to certain audiences based upon search history, location, or demographic.

Targeted Display Tactics Which Bring Results  

Targeted display ads are a B2C marketing strategy which displays relevant banner advertisements to a prospect by following the buyer where they are. The majority of display campaigns are made to retarget or target certain audience groups based upon search behavior, demographic, and location.

Positioning your advertisements in front of your audience you’re targeting occurs through a combination of these tactics:

  • CRM Retargeting. You can serve an offline base of customers relevant advertisements through CRM retargeting that enhances your audience list.
  • Category Contextual Retargeting. It enables you to display your advertisement on pages that are relevant to your audience, which narrows down more than 300 categories, for instance, “fashion, agriculture, music”.
  • Keyword Contextual Search Retargeting. Utilizing intent data such as keyword searches that target users, search retargeting enables us to serve advertisements to people who’ve actively searched a certain segment of keywords, which increases the likelihood of conversion.
  • Site Retargeting. Following your target audience based upon browsing history, this serves advertisements to people who’ve already visited your website.
  • Addressable Geo-Fencing. Based upon certain audience topics such as “families with pets in Houston TX”, the tactic offers us numerous houses that fall into this category. Then, a geo-fence is crafted around the available property line, which allows us to target mobile users entering this address zone.
  • Geo-Fencing. Virtual fence is positioned around a certain location that targets mobile users who visit this region for up to a month.