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Surround your Target Homes




A home-delivered Newspaper published in your name + Streaming TV Advertising + Digital Display Ads – all working together and targeting the same homes at the address level.

Homeowners experience you as they walk up their driveway from their mailbox, visit websites, and watch their connected TVs and devices.

We can layer on other tactics or do just one.

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Multiple touchpoints to the SAME homes

Boutique service customized to your needs

EXCLUSIVITY to your farm area

Be Omnipresent & Unique via

  1. Custom Direct Mail Newspaper
  2. Streaming TV Ads
  3. Digital Display Ads

Detailed below, use these strategies blended together or as standalones.
Recommended budget begins at around $2,700/month to reach 2,500 homes.



Publish your own community newspaper delivered to every home on your farm. Deliver every month or every other month. This positions you as the omnipresent, trusted advisor to your farming area via a  publication that stands out.

  • Fully customizable to reflect your brand.
  • You decide how much or little you want to be involved. It can be turn-key to fully collaborative.
  • About $1 per copy delivered, all in.
  • Exclusive. We only work with one agent or team per farm.

“30% of our closings are a result of the newspaper…. ”

-Samantha Villarreal
The Dale Ross Realty Group, Katy, TX





Streaming TV reaches about 2/3rds of the US population — watching about 80 minutes daily via wall-mounted Apple TVs, phones, tablets, and gaming consoles. (Source: e-marketer, Commscore.) There are now over 75 Streaming TV services — including the ad-supported versions of Hulu, Peacock, Pluto TV, Tubi, Roku Channel.  Try it: watch your favorite movie or show here as but one example and notice you can’t skip the ads.

  • Target specific neighborhoods.
  • Target your existing mailing list.
  • Target the same homes you send your Newspaper to.
  • Reporting on completed views.



Sometimes called “Digital Direct Mail,”  use these ads to reach people on your farm(s) as they surf websites on their laptops, tablets, and phones. 

  • Target the same homes receiving your Newspaper.
  • Show ads on the various websites they browse.
  • Appear omnipresent across the Internet.


We’re here to help

Direct mail will boast greater visibility, better response rates, and extremely innovative creative opportunities as compared with online efforts, and ought to be a critical element of any marketing campaign. Here, we list five direct mail marketing benefits:

Direct Mail Gets Read and Opened 

Consider strolling out to the mailbox and bringing a pile of mail inside. Do you instantly toss it all into the garbage, or scan it to check what you received? If you read or scan through every piece, you aren’t alone. As a matter of fact, 53 percent of people in America actually read each one, according to a USPS study, with  21 percent at least scanning. That means the most recipients are going to see your direct marketing messages, more than any additional medium.

Direct Mail Is Personal and Tangible

A lot of folks actually want to get mailed marketing messages, according to research by Epsilon, a global marketing company, which found that 59 percent of respondents agreed with this statement: “I like receiving postal mail from businesses about new products.”

That speaks to the attraction of tangible marketing messages, opposed to the ones strictly delivered on the internet. Physical mail may be placed in a wallet, pocket, or hung on the refrigerator as a reminder, for instance. Those private areas are invaluable placements when it comes to getting your message out there.

Direct Mail Builds Trust and Is Familiar

Mail has existed for a long period of time, and is impervious to some of the downsides associated with digital advertising. This type of familiarity that comes along with direct mail will create a feeling of trustworthiness and security that resonates with many consumers, particularly the ones who are elderly or not familiar with technology.

Direct Mail Is Extremely Targeted

Direct mail is the perfect method of taking advantage of all the consumer details that are available these days. It’s possible to access lists of consumer information that extend well beyond addresses and names to include information on ages, purchase preferences, professions, etc. That greater personalization, as well as relevance for every batch of mailings allows businesses to target and define their perfect persona more accurately.

Direct Mail Will Complement Digital Marketing

At first glance, digital marketing and direct mail tactics may appear to be at odds with each other. However, this is not the case. As a matter of fact, the two work very well together. It may be used in any of the marketing funnel stages to work toward the exact same objectives as online advertisements.

For instance, you might send out mailers that have a QR code for recipients to scan which will bring them to a webpage online. Or, you might run a branding campaign online, and follow up with a direct mail campaign to a smaller group of ideal clients with an exclusive offer.

Direct mail, whatever the goal, will work with your additional method of marketing to increase ROI and customer engagement, as well as improve overall performance.